Ten Best Musical Moments In Cinema

Music plays a major role in our lives, and it sometimes plays a big role in motion pictures. Here are ten of the best musical moments in cinema history.

The rules: First and foremost, no musicals. It would be too easy for them to dominate this list, and they honestly deserve their own list. Furthermore, no ‘scored’ scenes. That’s why you won’t see Goodfellas or The Graduate or Harold and Maude on this list. On this list the characters must be interacting with the music. Without further ado…

ID: 428097

10. Beetlejuice

ID: 428102

9. Risky Business

ID: 428130

8. Wayne’s World

ID: 428129

7. Big

ID: 428099

6. Back to the Future

ID: 428123

5. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

ID: 428156

4. Magnolia

ID: 428136

3. Say Anything

Video available at:
ID: 428116

2. The Shawshank Redeption

ID: 428107

1. Casablanca

ID: 428121

Of course that’s only a few of many great musical moments in movies? Which moments did I miss? Feel free to add those below.

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