21 Things Celebrities Did This Week

All the noteworthy, funny, and completely random things that you probably missed — for your viewing pleasure.

1. Helen Mirren attended the Chelsea Flower Show in London.

FameFlynetUK /__username__

2. Drake filmed a scene for Anchorman 2.

Felipe Ramales,PacificCoastNews / Via buzzfeed.com

3. Paris Hilton partied in Cannes.

CHP /__username__

4. Zach Galifianakis traveled by trunk.

Mario Anzuoni /__username__ / Via buzzfeed.com

5. Dan Aykroyd posed with a fan dressed in his Ghostbusters jumpsuit and a bottle of his Crystal Head Vodka.


6. Taylor Swift wore a shirt that said “Haters Gonna Hate”

Steve Marcus / Reuters

7. Bradley Cooper took a selfie.

Mario Anzuoni /__username__ / Via buzzfeed.com

8. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen took in a Knicks game.

WireImage /__username__ / Via buzzfeed.com

9. Alec Baldwin and his wife reenacted Superman with little success.

Andreas Rentz /__username__ / Via buzzfeed.com

10. Jeremy Renner walked his dog.

Timur /__username__ / Via buzzfeed.com

11. Eva Longoria graduated.

FameFlynet Pictures / Via buzzfeed.com

12. Leonardo DiCaprio parted with his e-cigarette.

FameflyNet Pictures / Via buzzfeed.com

13. LaToya Jackson’s dog traveled in style.

Brian Flannery /__username__

14. Daniel Radcliffe took an awkward photo outside of BBC Radio 1 studios.

FameFlynetUK /__username__

15. Gwen Stefani went to the beach.

LRR /__username__ / Via buzzfeed.com

16. Ewan McGregor filmed a movie looking like this.

Fameflynet Pictures

17. Teresa Guidice wrote another book.

Paul J. Froggatt /__username__

18. Derek Jeter used a fake name at Starbucks.

Teach /__username__ / Via buzzfeed.com

19. Kristen Stewart flipped off the paprazzi.

FameFlynet Pictures / Via buzzfeed.com

20. Colin Farrell signed autographs.

GG /__username__

21. and Anne Hathaway continued to be blonde.

Teach /__username__

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