Then & Now: The "Titanic" Red Carpet Premiere

Since “Titanic 3D” made it global premiere last night at London’s Royal Albert Hall, I thought it might be fun to contrast those photos with that of red carpet photos from the 1997 premiere. Get ready to feel old.

1. James Cameron

Ron Galella /__username__ / Getty Images
Via http://Ron%20Galella%20/%20Gareth%20Cattermole

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

Ron Galella / Gareth Cattermole /__username__ / Getty Images

Artistic rendering — Leo didn’t show up!

4. Billy Zane

Ron Galella /__username__ / Getty Images

5. Frances Fisher

Ron Galella /__username__ / Getty Images

6. Bill Paxton

Ron Galella /__username__ / Getty Images

* For all you fact-checkers out there, the VHS was released in 1998. (Thanks, Bobby Finger!) Still, you get the idea.

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