The Complete Ryan Gosling Discography

We all know he’s beautiful — but are you familiar with the music he’s been making for nearly his entire life? Oh yes.

From his early years on “The Mickey Mouse Club,” to his romantic serenade in “Blue Valentine,” we proudly present this definitive collection of music by Ryan Gosling. Did you know his role as Young Hercules required him to sing a song about friendship? Or that he once put out a pop song? Or that hipsters have been swooning over his band Dead Man’s Bones? If you didn’t know, now you do. Enjoy.

ID: 76606

4. “Can We Talk”

ID: 76541

5. “Motownphilly”

ID: 76532

6. “Always In My Heart”

ID: 76539

7. “That’s The Way Love Is”

ID: 76536

8. “Love Can Move Mountains”

ID: 76540

9. “Cry For You”

ID: 80919

10. “Faithful”

ID: 76546

11. “Wake Up Everybody”

ID: 76545

12. “I’m Not Over You”

ID: 76542

13. “Regular Thang”

ID: 76547

If you’re wondering why Ryan doesn’t have a whole lot of solos on the show, well, why not let him explain it for you?

ID: 221046

16. Young Hercules Sings A Song About Friendship

For a shot of adult Gosling reacting to a clip of “Young Hercules,” click here.

ID: 76552

17. Sean Raps On “Breaker High”

ID: 76553

19. “Remember The Titans”

ID: 119351

20. “Lars & The Real Girl”

ID: 76559

21. “Blue Valentine”

ID: 119348

23. “You Only Hurt The One You Love”

ID: 76567

24. The “My Little Pony” Theme Song

ID: 76568

26. “Put Me In The Car”

ID: 76571

28. “My Body’s A Zombie For You”

ID: 76576

29. “Pa Pa Power”

Video available at:
ID: 76577

30. “In The Room Where You Sleep”

ID: 76578

31. “Dead Hearts”

ID: 76580

32. “Name In Stone”

ID: 76581

33. “Intro”

ID: 76582

34. “Lose Your Soul”

ID: 76584

35. “Buried In Water”

ID: 76585

36. “Young And Tragic”

ID: 76589

37. “Lost In The Night”

ID: 76590

38. “High Noon”

ID: 76591

39. “Flowers Grow Out Of My Grave”

ID: 76588

40. “Werewolf Heart”

ID: 76586

41. “To Die/Turn Lights On”

ID: 76593

42. “Paper Ships”

ID: 76587

43. “Never Grow Old”

ID: 76594

44. “Name In Stone”

ID: 76595

45. “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)”

ID: 76596


ID: 76762

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