The Best And Worst Celebrity Instagrams Of The Year

All the famous Instagram accounts that you need to see from 2012 described as yearbook superlatives.

And your winners are…

2. Most Outrageous: Rihanna

3. Most Extraterrestrial: Tyra Banks

4. Most Likely to Tilt Their Head to One Side or the Other: Lady Gaga

5. Most Likely to Make a Gesture with Their Hands: Zac Efron

6. Least Likely to Have a Single Photo Of George Clooney on Their Instagram Account: Stacy Keibler

7. Most Likely to Take a Selfie with Their Face Partially Obscured: Ashton Kutcher

8. Most Star-Studded Instagram Account: Kathy Griffin

9. Most Predictable Instagram Account: Ryan Seacrest

10. Most Likely to Be Addicted to Pinterest: Lauren Conrad

11. Least Likely to Smile for a Picture: 50 Cent

12. Most Likely to Instagram Their Shoes: Kylie Minogue

13. Biggest Oversharer: Lena Dunham

14. Least Revealing: Beyonce

15. Most Ludicrous: Ludacris

16. Most Twee: Zooey Deschanel

17. Most Likely to Brag About Their Time Spent at the Gym: Justin Bieber

18. Most Boring: Taylor Swift

19. Most YOLO-iest: Drake

20. Most Likely to Shit Glitter: Ke$ha

21. Douchiest: Chris Brown

22. Most Punk-Rock Mom: Pink

23. Surprisingly Goofy Celebrity Instagram Account: Usher

24. Hottest “Boy Meets World” Cast Member on Instagram: Rider Strong

25. Cutest Dog: Ashley Tisdale

26. Snoopiest Dog: Snoop Lion

27. The Most Self-Involved Person on Instagram Who Posts the Most Gratuitously Annoying Selfies And Also Causes Riots: Kim Kardashian

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