The Best And Worst Celebrity Instagrams Of The Year

All the famous Instagram accounts that you need to see from 2012 described as yearbook superlatives.

And your winners are…

ID: 757058

2. Most Outrageous: Rihanna

ID: 451499

3. Most Extraterrestrial: Tyra Banks

ID: 755418

4. Most Likely to Tilt Their Head to One Side or the Other: Lady Gaga

ID: 755408

5. Most Likely to Make a Gesture with Their Hands: Zac Efron

ID: 755379

6. Least Likely to Have a Single Photo Of George Clooney on Their Instagram Account: Stacy Keibler

ID: 755424

7. Most Likely to Take a Selfie with Their Face Partially Obscured: Ashton Kutcher

ID: 755383

8. Most Star-Studded Instagram Account: Kathy Griffin

ID: 755450

9. Most Predictable Instagram Account: Ryan Seacrest

ID: 451584

10. Most Likely to Be Addicted to Pinterest: Lauren Conrad

ID: 451805

11. Least Likely to Smile for a Picture: 50 Cent

ID: 755484

12. Most Likely to Instagram Their Shoes: Kylie Minogue

ID: 755443

13. Biggest Oversharer: Lena Dunham

ID: 432537

14. Least Revealing: Beyonce

ID: 755243

15. Most Ludicrous: Ludacris

ID: 755462

16. Most Twee: Zooey Deschanel

ID: 432655

17. Most Likely to Brag About Their Time Spent at the Gym: Justin Bieber

ID: 451624

18. Most Boring: Taylor Swift

ID: 451685

19. Most YOLO-iest: Drake

ID: 451665

20. Most Likely to Shit Glitter: Ke$ha

ID: 755328

21. Douchiest: Chris Brown

ID: 755302

22. Most Punk-Rock Mom: Pink

ID: 755372

23. Surprisingly Goofy Celebrity Instagram Account: Usher

ID: 755318

24. Hottest “Boy Meets World” Cast Member on Instagram: Rider Strong

ID: 755511

25. Cutest Dog: Ashley Tisdale

ID: 478248

26. Snoopiest Dog: Snoop Lion

ID: 451727

27. The Most Self-Involved Person on Instagram Who Posts the Most Gratuitously Annoying Selfies And Also Causes Riots: Kim Kardashian

ID: 478193

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