The 25 Most Ridiculously-Named Fan Groupies

Beliebers, Hulkamaniacs, Claymates, Glamberts… more and more obsessive fans are attaching themselves to a dedicated, funnily-named group. Here are 25 celebs who have fully embraced their legion of adoring fans so much that they have addressed them as such on twitter. posted on

1. Justin Bieber: Beliebers

2. Khloe Kardashian: Khlovers

3. Jennifer Lopez: JLOVE!RS

4. Katy Perry: Katy Cats

5. New Kids On The Block: Blockheads

6. Hulk Hogan: Hulkamaniacs

7. Adam Lambert: Glamberts

8. Clay Aiken: Claymates

or just “Mates”

9. Arsenio Hall: A-Mates

10. Lady Gaga: Little Monsters

11. Nicki Minaj: Barbies, Barbz

12. Rihanna: RihannaNavy

13. Avril Lavigne: Black Stars

14. Nicole Scherzinger: NicoleNation

15. Mariah Carey: Lambs

16. Ke$ha: Animals

17. Cody Simpson: Simpsonators, Simpsonizers

18. Big Time Rush: Rushers

19. Chris Brown: Team Breezy

20. Paramore: Parawhores

21. Wiz Khalifa: Taylors

Due to the man’s love of his favorite shoe, Chuck Taylors

22. Cheryl Cole: Soldiers

23. Slipknot: Maggots

24. Josh Groban: Grobanites

25. DJ Qualls: Garth Vaders

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