Somebody Paid £152,200 For A Blob Of Glue That Looks Like Homer Simpson

Congrats, ebay user chrisherb2012 — you’ve just made the most ridiculous purchase of 2012 so far! The auction for a dried piece of glue with Homer Simpsons’ likeness ended today and some unfortunate halfwit with too much money to spend paid £152,200.00 for the kind-of-but-not-really collector’s item. (That’s $239,364, for the Americans.)

£152,200.00. Let’s all keep in mind that the owner of the item described his decision to sell the piece of “art” as, “I thought I’d just stick it on [ebay] for a bit of a joke, to be honest. I didn’t think anyone would actually bid for an old bit of dried glue.” A joke.

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