Reminder: Chiwetel Ejiofor Was In "Love Actually"

Something for you to remember now that he’s nabbed an Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

1. If you’ve seen 12 Years A Slave, you are are aware of Chiwetel Ejiofor and his fantastic performance.

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2. Did he seem so familiar and yet you just couldn’t place him?

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3. That’s because he was in 2003’s cult Christmas classic Love Actually.

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4. Remember? Of course you do.

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5. He married Keira Knightley…

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ID: 2292982

6. …was best friends with Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead

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7. …and had the most beautiful and magical wedding in the history of, well, anything?

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8. The guy believed this dumb excuse…

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9. …and is more than happy to sit back and relax…

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10. …while his supposed best friend woos his wife in one of the most romantic gestures in the history of rom-coms?

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11. In conclusion, Chiwetel Ejiofor was in Love Actually and is now nominated for an Oscar.

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12. Now you know.

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