Paris Hilton Is Still Trying To Be A DJ

This time she made the attempt in the south of France. It’s not going to happen, Paris. Stop trying to make it happen. posted on

I especially like how she’s letting the guy behind DJ while she smiles for the camera.

Photos courtesy Rachid Bellak/ABAC/

But don’t worry! People aren’t taking her seriously in the least. Check out what people are saying on twitter:

I guess Paris Hilton could be a Dj on the moon, As there is no sound in space....

I can't listen to Gotye - Somebody I used to know without thinking of Paris Hilton playing it during her "DJ" set while waving a flag

So Paris Fucken Hilton dj's hmmm. Tht just says the deejay community accepts anyone

The fact that Paris Hilton can successfully DJ makes me believe in myself more and more

I totally agree with @deadmau5," target="_blank">">@deadmau5, Paris Hilton isn't a DJ..

Paris Hilton needs to stop pretending to be a DJ now. It's embarrassing for everyone involved.

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