27 Nuggets Of Fatherly Advice From Kanye West’s Twitter Account

He’s gonna be a great dad.

1. You can’t be everything to everyone.

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2. Stay humble.

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3. …but not TOO humble.

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4. Nobody likes a person with an inflated ego.

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5. It’s VERY difficult to find a simple persian rug with cherub imagery.

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6. Your fashion choices are important.

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7. Take some time to reflect after you’ve done something bad, like cut off Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech:

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8. At the end of the day, you’re only a human being.

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9. If you bring dirty magazines to your elementary school, you WILL get kicked out of class.

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10. It’s important to save money.

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11. It’s also important to be responsible. Even if it’s just a water bottle.

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12. Don’t ever name your kids after musicians.

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13. Everything’s a setup.

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15. Never make permanent decisions while under the influence.

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16. It’s good to laugh at yourself once in a while.

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17. Don’t trust anyone. And don’t trust noise.

ID: 1273831

18. True beauty can strike you at any time, with anything.

ID: 1273861

19. You can use caps lock when you feel lazy.

ID: 1273860

20. The most important thing in life is family (especially if they’re famous).

ID: 1273879

21. Never underestimate the value in a Broadway show.

ID: 1273845

22. Use twitter as a stream of consciousness.

ID: 1273866

23. Always check ID’s.

ID: 1273869

24. Beware Gold Diggers — and always wear a condom.

ID: 1273859

25. The most important values in life are:

But especially awesomeness.

ID: 1273832

26. If all else fails, head to the bike store.

ID: 1273864

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