Everything You Need To Know About Brandi Cyrus, Miley’s Hot Older Sister

How did everyone NOT notice her before?

1. A funny thing happened at the American Music Awards on Sunday.

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2. When Billy Ray and Miley showed up, everyone on the red carpet was like, WHO’S THAT GIRL?

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3. It was Brandi Cyrus, Miley’s 26-year-old sister.

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4. And she’s been here all along!

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5. Literally.

Brandi Cyrus / instagram.com
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6. Because they’re siblings.

Brandi Cyrus / instagram.com
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7. At Hannah Montana premieres,

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8. Giving advice to teenage Miley,

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9. and even playing on the same stage as Billy Ray.

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10. (That’s because she’s a musician too.)

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11. She even made a few cameos on her sister’s Disney show.

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12. She and her dad are pretty tight.

Brandi Cyrus / instagram.com
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13. Even though she’s technically Miley’s half-sister. But who could ever tell?

Brandi Cyrus / instagram.com
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14. She’s a horse lover and competitive equestrian.

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15. She loves dogs too.

Brandi Cyrus / instagram.com

Brandi Cyrus / instagram.com

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16. She splits her time between Los Angeles and Nashville.

Brandi Cyrus / instagram.com

Brandi Cyrus / instagram.com

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17. She has cool hair sometimes.

Brandi Cyrus / instagram.com
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18. She was the only interview her sister had at the this year’s AMAs.

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19. She also models and has a fashion line.

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20. And now you know about Brandi Cyrus!

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