The 36 Best Moments From Lindsay Lohan’s OWN Series

Lindsay finished its run last night, possibly for good. Here are all the moments you missed — or maybe need to see again.

1. The times she filmed herself alone at night.

ID: 2815178

2. The times when she got inspirational.

ID: 2815447

3. All the times she forgot that cameras were following her.

ID: 2815169

4. How every day she’s not on a film set she is wasting her talent.

ID: 2814626

5. When some serious shade went down right outside of Lindsay’s window.

ID: 2815078

6. When Lindsay’s community service hours produced adorable moments like this.

ID: 2815152

7. When Oprah swore:

ID: 2815113

8. And swore again.

ID: 2815124

9. And even then, Lindsay screwed up.

ID: 2815128

10. When Lindsay reminded us that she was robbed by the Bling Ring kids, and also of Alexis Neiers.

ID: 2815428

11. When she spilled fake blood all over the wall.

ID: 2815069

12. Lindsay’s supportive Nana.

ID: 2815464

13. When she dissed reality TV despite being on it at the time.

ID: 2815620

14. When we found out Lindsay had so much stuff she could almost be considered a hoarder.


ID: 2815187

15. I mean…

ID: 2815189

16. Lindsay’s fashion.

ID: 2815613

17. The photo shoots.

ID: 2815815

18. When Miley wouldn’t visit or tweet at Lindsay before Jingle Ball.

ID: 2814614

19. When she announced that she’s not Oprah.

ID: 2815515

20. When she couldn’t contain excitement when her sister walked the runway.

ID: 2815237

21. When she unpacked a dress that was just thrown in a box.

ID: 2815275

22. This exchange.

ID: 2815031

23. The cigarettes.

ID: 2815288

24. The many, many cigarettes.

OWN / http://everythinglindsaylohan.tumblr.com/post/79839909969

OWN / http://everythinglindsaylohan.tumblr.com/post/79839909969

ID: 2815268

25. So.

ID: 2815297

26. Many.

ID: 2815397

27. Cigarettes.

ID: 2815770

28. When we found out that she owns a shirt with “Fetch” on it.

ID: 2815191

29. And we discovered that Dina Lohan doesn’t know what “Fetch” is.

ID: 2815565

30. When she got real with her father.

ID: 2815505

31. When she cried about her career.

ID: 2815835

32. When she felt trapped in her own reality show.

ID: 2815685

33. When she spread good vibes around her new apartment.

ID: 2815943

34. And then meditated.

ID: 2815508

35. Lindsay’s new favorite hobby.

ID: 2815478

36. The Oprah hand-hug.

ID: 2815627

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