12 Ways To Achieve The Very Best Glamor Shot

Back in the early ’90s, I really wanted to get made up, dressed in fancy clothes, and take a series of professional head shots at the mall. In retrospect, I’m glad I never did.

1. 1. Hold on to your collar

6. 2. Wear silk gloves

12. 3. Wear a feather boa

18. 4. Play up your hands

23. 5. Expose those shoulders

29. 6. Make sure your hair is awesome:

31. 7. Try combining as many of the above options as possible

32. 8. Opt for a cool hat

40. 9. Add studs to your favorite jacket

45. 10. Make use of props and accessories

58. 12. Whatever you do, don’t become a “Granny Glamour Shot”

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