100 Things You Shouldn’t Be Caught Wearing On 4/20

Resist the temptation. Don’t be that guy.

1. This headband:

2. These glasses:

4. These flip-flops:

5. This belt:

6. These shorts:

7. This bow tie:

8. These cufflinks:

9. This wallet:

10. These party beads:

11. These fingernails:

15. This “Doctor Pot” outfit:

16. These pants:

18. This hat:

19. These socks:

21. This costume:

22. These backpacks:

24. This “Baked Couch Potato” Costume

25. These suspenders:

26. These necklaces:

30. This lei:

31. These sandals:

32. This hat:

34. Any of the following shirts:

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