23 Things That Made Your 90s Childhood Awesome

Camp Anawanna, we still hold you in our hearts.

1. Salute Your Shorts

Even though it only ran for two seasons, most of us still know the theme song by heart.

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2. Block Party Summers

But seriously, we all know the best Block Party Summer was the one with Monkee Mondays instead of lame-o Mary Mondays.

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3. Figure It Out

Kids with weird talents, the cast of All That getting slimed, an Olympic swimmer as host, what more could you possibly need?

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4. Speaking of All That

If you didn’t live for Everyday French with Pierre Escargot and Vital Information, I don’t even want to know you.

ID: 2326458

5. Hey Arnold!

Everything about this show was weird and amazing and we want it back the end.

ID: 2326497

6. Gushers Commercials

The fact that we still wanted to eat these things is a testament to our courage.

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7. Clarissa Explains It All

Clarissa was basically every girl’s style icon and all-around hero. Please come back and explain adulthood to us?

ID: 2326574

8. Good Burger

Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?

ID: 2326667

9. Spice World

This movie is terrible. And perfect. And that’s okay.

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10. Book Fairs

Basically, heaven came to the library on book fair days. Actual, literal heaven.

ID: 2326930

11. Sideways Stories from Wayside School

Between the three Erics and the teacher who thought all the students were monkeys, this book was seriously messed up but seriously addictive.

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12. Goosebumps

R. L. Stine flat out admitted that our terror at both his books and short-lived TV series made him a very happy man. So there’s that.

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13. The Baby-Sitters Club Series

Every 20-something girl knows which Baby Sitter she was—and we can’t all be Kristy!

ID: 2327057

14. Parachute day


ID: 2327084

15. Cupcake Dolls

Okay, so they were scented dolls and when you flipped their skirts up they turned into a cupcake. In retrospect, this concept is TERRIFYING.

ID: 2327444

16. Ecto Cooler

Hi-C, bring this back for a week and 90s kids will buy EVERY SINGLE ONE.

ID: 2327152

17. Happy Meal Toys


ID: 2327287

18. GAK

Why was Gak so fun? It smelled so weird! Oh right, it made fart noises.

ID: 2327196


Similar but different to Gak. Weird texture, retained its shape, no fart noises (BOO). Hours of fun ensued.

ID: 2327265

20. Sky Dancers/Dragon Flyz

Spoilers: these eventually got recalled because of the inevitable desire to point them at your friends and pull really hard. Also if you leaned in too far those wings would clip you in the face and it hurt like hell.

ID: 2327426

21. Princess of the Flowers

Each toy came with a little comb/key that could be used to open the flower and reveal the princess doll inside. And inevitably that stupid little comb got lost and we started using flatware.

ID: 2327550

22. Rock Em Sock Em Robots

Punch opposing robot until his head popped off. Still the best stress relief available.

ID: 2327408

23. Kitty/Puppy/Pony Surprise

Each mommy pet came with a belly full of baby pets stuffed inside, so after opening the package you were supposed to rip open mommy pet’s tummy and stuff your hand inside to check out the babies. Terrifying or adorable? You decide!

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