22 Animals Who Are So Over Your Wedding

Wedding season is right around the corner. And these adorable animals can’t wait to bark and hiss in objection.

1. This maid of honor cat, who will never ever wear this dress again

ID: 928629

2. This monkey, who can’t stomach another episode of “Say Yes To The Dress”

ID: 930121

3. This dog, who thinks it’s really dumb you just spent $700 on a pair of shoes no one will see

ID: 930813

4. This cat, who just used his last vacation day for your Monday afternoon wedding

ID: 931124

5. This baby otter, who spent her life savings on your shower gift

ID: 932504

6. This groomsman, who doesn’t want to spend $50 on striped socks for a “pull your trousers up and show off your crazy socks” picture

ID: 930350

7. This pug, who can’t believe you are having your wedding on Super Bowl Sunday

ID: 930874

8. This cat, who used up the last of his miles for your “Pinterest Perfect” wedding in Wyoming

ID: 930202

9. This dog, who can’t believe you added 300 engagement photos to Facebook

ID: 934520

10. These freshly-eloped newlyweds, who don’t want to hear about how you blew through your $1 million budget

ID: 931155

11. This dog, who can’t believe she is wearing a tutu at your bachelorette party

ID: 929169

12. This ringbearer and flowergirl dog, who are considering swallowing the rings if you don’t take these outfits off

ID: 934500

13. This bunny, who is over your “cupcakes or macaroons?” debate

ID: 930820

14. This dog, who can’t tell the difference between all the strapless gowns you’ve tried on

ID: 931080

15. This donkey, who doesn’t care you’re getting your teeth bleached for the big day

ID: 929150

16. This cat, who’s not surprised you went with the overplayed balloon engagement photo for your “Save the Date”

ID: 930172

17. This bridesmaid, who strongly objects to the shoes you picked out for her

ID: 930693

18. This baby giraffe, who doesn’t care about all the awesome things you are going to do with mason jars

ID: 932434

19. This baby hippo, who doesn’t want to hear about the tasting you just had unless you brought samples

ID: 932439

20. This shiba, who doesn’t want to hear anything more about having a “Money Dance” (She thinks they are tacky)

ID: 932445

21. This dog, who… wait, actually, he’s happy to help you pick your food

ID: 934549

22. This cat, who can’t wait to go the wedding, catch the bouquet… and put you through this next year

ID: 929048

Good luck everyone!

ID: 934550

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