What It’s Like Being A New Associate Attorney

So you finally got a legal job…

1. You’re super excited when you get the job offer

What?! I can move out of my parents’ basement?

ID: 1582325

2. But on the first day, you’re already confused

Huh? They didn’t teach me this in law school.

ID: 1582188

3. You want to cry because nobody explains anything

I’m going to be fired.

ID: 1584096

4. And you’re afraid to ask any questions

What kind of mood is he in today?…

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5. Then the partners start piling on work

I have to finish this by tomorrow?

ID: 1582214

6. And you start working late hours

What time is…zzzzzz.

ID: 1584094

7. Your SO gets SUPER clingy

When are you coming home?

ID: 1582206

8. When you get home, you scarf down everything in sight

I didn’t even remember to eat today…FML.

ID: 1582197

9. Even when you make time to sleep, you can’t

I’m just going to roll away now

ID: 1582225

10. And then something miraculous happens

Wait, it’s all starting to make sense now.

ID: 1584107

11. But then you submit your first assignment

It didn’t seem that bad to me…

ID: 1582221

12. And depression sets in again

If anyone calls, I’ll be laying under my desk.

ID: 1582230

13. By Friday, you’re just thankful the weekend is almost here

I can make it through one more day.

ID: 1582250

14. But then you realize you have a deadline on Monday

Wait, I thought that was due in two weeks?

ID: 1582264

15. And you realize you have to work on Saturday

Why god, why?

ID: 1584157

16. But then you get your first paycheck

Totally worth it.

ID: 1584169

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