17 Relationship Mistakes To Avoid As Told By “The Hills”

We learned a lot from the girls on The Hills.

1. Don’t hookup with Justin Bobby no matter how badly you want too.

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2. Don’t try and change someone to make them more dateable for you.

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3. Don’t fall for everything a guy says to you.

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4. Or this…

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5. And especially this.

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6. Don’t continue being in a one sided relationship.

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7. Don’t date someone completely based on their looks.

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8. Don’t date close friends it’s a recipe for disaster.

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9. Don’t get hung up on a guy too fast.

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10. Don’t let anyone you’re interested in know that you have a hamster.

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11. Watch your facial expressions on the first couple of dates with someone new.

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12. Don’t listen to your friends all the time, sometimes they don’t know what they’re talking about.

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13. Don’t stay bitter too long after a breakup.

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14. Watch out for skeasy guys, who say they’re single but really aren’t.

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15. Don’t take this bull**** from a dude.

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16. Don’t miss someone more than they would miss you.

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17. And try to live with no regrets, you never know who you will fall in love with.

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