12 Iconic, Completely Over-Dressed Pop Stars

Some of these makeup advertisements are downright LEGENDARY.

The MAC AIDS Fund began in 1994, and continues to raise money for HIV/AIDS-related causes through the sale of limited edition makeup collections endorsed by celebrities.

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Here are some of the best Viva Glam campaigns starring pop stars, in order of most ordinary to totally eye-popping.

ID: 958281

12. Fergie

Like, why?

ID: 958045

11. Missy Elliott

Pretty, boring.

ID: 958053

10. Christina Aguilera

Shuddering at those eyebrows.

ID: 958091

9. Eve

You can’t even see her face!

ID: 958059

8. Debbie Harry

And here the make-up is kind of meh, but it doesn’t matter because anything Debbie Harry is a part of is immediately legendary, so.

ID: 958182

7. Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin


Who better to shill vibrant make-up than human Crayola box Nicki Minaj? Ricky Martin is an added hunky bonus.

ID: 958098

6. Boy George

Pink and red discoloration on one’s neck has never looked so chic.

ID: 958117

5. K.D. Lang

This is so amazing because Lang is a famously non-lipstick lesbian, which makes this particular campaign extra witty and adorable.

ID: 958125

4. Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga

Blonde beauty.

ID: 958042

3. Lil Kim and Mary J. Blige

The strategically-placed mirror, spangled ankle cuff/shoe scenario, and baggy, thigh-high, WHITE LEATHER boots are just SOME of the reasons why this ad is everything.

ID: 958166

2. Shirley Manson, SIR ELTON JOHN FOR GOD’S SAKE, and, again, Mary J. Blige.

Too much gorgeosity for one photo.

ID: 958106

1. And finally, RUPAUL. *bows down*

Has anyone else ever looked this perfect in their LIVES? RuPaul was the very first Viva Glam spokesmodel and remains the one to beat. #rupaultaughtme

ID: 958050

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