18 Reasons Why Ed Sheeran Is Perfect Boyfriend Material

Prepare to meet your ginger-haired match.

1. He has a fantastic smile.

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2. He thinks your hobbies are cool.

ID: 802392

3. Look at how sweetly he plays the guitar!

He writes songs about you, like, all the time.

ID: 802400

4. He always knows just what you need after a rough day at work.

ID: 801943

5. He doesn’t mind if you want to stay in sometimes. In fact, he thinks that sounds GREAT.

ID: 802443

6. He got you a really cute shelter cat for your birthday…

ID: 801947

7. …and isn’t afraid to wear his love for animals on his sleeves.

ID: 802011

8. He loves dessert almost as much as you do (as if he needed to be any sweeter).

ID: 802290

9. He’s an actual BARON, so you’d pretty much be in the royal family.

You should probably open up another tab and start searching for tiaras on eBay.

ID: 802042

10. Compared to you, he thinks other girls smell bad.

Even Taylor Swift, who has approximately 29734 perfumes of her very own creation.

ID: 801881

11. He looks just like the other most adorable redhead in the world, except cuter.

And Ed’s kind of magic just works on your HEART.

ID: 802138

12. He’s good at giving tattoos.

Just ask Harry Styles, who has a little lock on his wrist courtesy of Ed.

ID: 802168

13. He has plenty of his own, too, but they’re too goofy to worry your mom.

I mean, Heinz ketchup doesn’t exactly scream “biker gang.”

ID: 801875

14. He’s a total softy…

ID: 802377

15. …but he can also be kinda bad.

In the best way, of course.

ID: 802327

16. Really, he thinks you’re beyond perfect just the way you are.

ID: 802304

17. Seriously, don’t ever change a thing.

ID: 802348

18. And he thinks Jessie J is totally annoying, too. Swoon.

ID: 801935

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