13 Undeniable Reasons Why Morrissey Is The Sexiest Man Alive

He laughs. He licks! HE TAKES OFF HIS SHIRT. Who needs Ryan Gosling in a world where Morrissey exists?

1. First, just look at these majestic eyebrows.

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2. And have you SEEN him without a shirt on? LORD HAVE MERCY.

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3. He looks like an angel when he laughs.

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4. And sometimes he gets all sassy, which is particularly heart-melting.

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5. He’s always all, “Oh, *THIS* perfect hair? Don’t even worry about it.”

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6. He’s even cuter than his best friends, AKA the entire animal kingdom.

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7. He looks hotter in glasses than anybody else in the history of existence.

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8. Observe with cartoon heart eyes as he treasures literature like the total foxy genius that he is.

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10. And appreciates the splendor of horticulture (especially while DANCIN’).

ID: 813419

11. Look at how gorgeous he is while enjoying the great outdoors!

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12. Morrissey tongue = borderline NSFW.

ID: 813027

13. And he’s the only person who could ever outshine David Bowie.

ID: 814099

Ugh, what a beautiful and perfect soul. Morrissey, what will it take for you to just…

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