11 Times Mariah Carey Looked Like A Goddess In The “#Beautiful” Video

Good god, woman. This video is everything.

This is the video for “#Beautiful” by Mariah Carey, featuring Miguel.

And guess what? It’s as hashtag-beautiful as the title might suggest.

ID: 1159314

1. Oh, hello, there. Who is this beautiful woodland angel?

And why is she riding a motorcycle in a Disney forest?

ID: 1159324

2. Oh, because she’s MARIAH FREAKIN’ CAREY, and she’s a perfect fairy angel.

Look at how she radiates sunbeams. Who else can do that? NO ONE.

ID: 1159409

3. Just for good measure, let’s take a closer look at that gorgeous face.

Cheekbones 4 daze, honey. I can’t with this. No one can.

ID: 1159427

4. Let’s go for a ride with our goddess and her blessed tongue.

It is a mystery how Miguel can be so stoic when faced with Mariah-mouth.

ID: 1159334

5. Also, please enjoy this hair/hand situation all orgasmically a-flutter.

Okay, I get it — Miguel realizes that Mimi is the most precious of cargo and has to keep his eyes on the road. DRIVE SAFELY, MIGUEL.

ID: 1159353

6. Now let’s enter the twirling/chandeliers/luxury cars portion of this gift of a video.

And maybe fantasize about living inside of it forever.

ID: 1159411

7. Because it’s a place where things like this happen.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dead.

ID: 1159339

8. And where Mariah’s panties breathe freely.

Again: x_x

ID: 1159361

9. All her twirling in this video makes me dizzy…WITH JOY.

BRB, trying to imitate this perfectly in my room for the next three days or so.

ID: 1159416

10. Really, all her dance moves are kind of the best.

Nick Cannon, let’s trade lives, okay?

ID: 1159407

11. IN CLOSING: Mariah is a beacon of gorgeous perfection.

And this video proves she’s “AHH AHH, YA BEAUT-I-FUL” beyond a shadow of a doubt.

ID: 1159404

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