Reasons You Should Be Insanely In Love With Conor Maynard

Justin Bieber is soooooo last year.

1. Ok, so you obviously have heard of Conor Maynard by now

ID: 1064322

2. You know he’s this cute British boy with a fantastic voice

ID: 1064323

3. You probably know this as well…

ID: 1064325

4. But there are many more reasons as to why he’s your favourite person now

ID: 1064327

5. Like this:

ID: 1064328

6. Or this

ID: 1064329

7. Of course, this video diary

ID: 1064331

8. His Instagram…

ID: 1064332

9. Did I mention the dancing? Oh, the DANCING

ID: 1064333

12. He speaks the truth

ID: 1064358

13. And finally, the covers! This one

ID: 1064359

14. And this

ID: 1064360

15. So if you still don’t think he’s just the best, then he’s got something to say to you

ID: 1064361

16. Go, Mayniacs!

ID: 1064362

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