Dog Cakes Are The Most Terrifying Thing In The World

Enjoy your nightmares!

1. Ummm…how about some eyes?

ID: 1145260

2. The eyes. The everything.

ID: 1145272

3. Just a sad looking head.

ID: 1145277

5. That’s a nice, umm, dog? I guess it’s a dog…

ID: 1145292

7. Oh lord.

ID: 1145311

8. I swear my neighbours can hear me screaming!

ID: 1145282

9. I’m scared

ID: 1145313

10. Really scared

ID: 1145321

11. There is something unnerving about these…

ID: 1145328

12. Just…scary…

ID: 1145331

13. Just…strange

ID: 1145337

14. Just… I’m just gonna go now

ID: 1145353

15. But hey, here is something nice: a man who bakes cakes FOR dogs. That’s ok. That’s just fine. Phew.

ID: 1145362

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