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    • tyy

      I’ve beenaserver/bartender foracollective eight years.Iwas able to pay for college and then, 10 years later afterIwas released from my job, it has sustained my life for the last three years. Depending on what state you live in, it can beagood gig.Imake $4.80 per hour plus tips.Ihaven’t cashedapaycheck sinceIstarted, butIdo average about $20 an hour. Sure, we have to put up with stupid people. But whatItell all the other servers and bartendersIwork with is that we tend to only remember the worst. Do you remember the best? In my state and whereIwork, we do pretty well, relative to the rest of the world. Every situation is different. To expect everybody to be 20-percent tippers and nice as all Hell is unreasonable! Take the good with the bad, but understand we’re not digging ditches in the hot or cold for minimum wage.Iwent to this FB site called Overheard by Your Server and was blown away by the stuff we get to hear. Cherish it.Idoubt anybody chooses serving asacareer. Look at it asachance to witness the good, bad and ugly of life.