The 13 Worst Tweets From The Most Obnoxious Guy On Twitter

Whatever this guy says, do the opposite.

1. In case you thought misogyny was dead…

…meet @GuyCodeBible.

2. He’s the guy you haven’t been waiting for…

3.5 inches sounds about right for this class act.

3. …and he’s here to treat you right.

5. He has a way with words.

But that’s putting it lightly.

6. It’s too bad nobody understands him.

8. You might begin to think he’s his own worst enemy…

9. …but before you know it, he’s found a solution.

11. Oh, and he has an eerie way of knowing exactly when a lady might want his “D.”

First of all, you’re playing duck duck goose, dude.

With jokes like this, this guy’s gotta be the most popular kid in middle school.

18. We feel bad for any woman who comes in contact with this D.

19. And we can only hope he isn’t procreating.

20. Brace yourself for whip-smart burns and comebacks from this comedic genius.

22. We know this guy is making you sigh out loud.

Because if there’s anything worse than dudes who believe in a “guy code,” it’s dudes who don’t respect women.

23. But we’ll leave you with a palate cleansing thought:

Ryan Gosling exists, is real, and is the total opposite of this fool.

26. Gosling.

Let’s forget about what we’ve seen and stare into those eyes, together, OK? You deserve it, girl.

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