Helping Your Corgi Relax After A Hard Day

Hasn’t your corgi had a long and exhausting day? Here’s what you need to know in order to give your corgi a much deserved massage.

1. First, catch your corgi.

ID: 1148308

2. No, really. Catch your corgi.

ID: 1148317

3. Seriously. This just isn’t that hard.

ID: 1148322

4. Even this turtle can catch a corgi.

ID: 1148325

5. Look! You caught your corgi! He’s so proud of you he could just bust!

ID: 1148356

6. Now clean your corgi.

ID: 1148338

7. I mean REALLY clean your corgi.

ID: 1155628

8. Never mind. This corgi fell asleep.

ID: 1148364

9. And this corgi fell asleep, too.

ID: 1148366

Hmmm. I guess your corgi doesn’t need help relaxing after all. Maybe you could use the massage?

ID: 1148367

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