A ’90s Kid’s Childhood Vs. The Childhood Of Kids Today

Don’t worry: this’ll make you feel awesome, not old.

1. We had this:

Ya know, that contraption you play actual CDs on?

ID: 2298284

2. And this:

We needed our music on the go, no matter how cumbersome the whole process was.

ID: 2298292

3. They have these:

The youths nowadays are blessed with consolidation and impeccable sound quality.

ID: 2298502

4. And this:


ID: 2298508

5. We watched movies and taped stuff on this thing for a while:

ID: 2298522

6. And they watch crisp, high-definition stuff on this:

ID: 2298533

7. We wrote and passed notes to each other in class.

ID: 2301071

8. And they just text and tweet each other.

At least their way saves the trees.

ID: 2301022

9. Some of us wore these:

Slap bracelets, because beauty was pain, y’all.

ID: 2298295

10. While they wear these:

All rubber everything.

ID: 2298867

11. We had this:

lowereastsidetours.org / Via ABC Networks
ID: 2298336

12. And this:

i1.ytimg.com / Via ABC Networks

I know I’m not the only one who used to rush home for Boy Meets World and Family Matters on Fridays.

ID: 2298358

13. They have this:

hollywoodreporter.com / Via ABC Family

Sorry, Girl Meets World. Close, but no cigar.

ID: 2298540

14. And this:

images5.fanpop.com / Via Nickelodeon
ID: 2298496

15. We had Kenan and Kel.

tumblr.com / Via Nickelodeon

“Who loves orange soda??? Kel loves orange soda!”

ID: 2298393

16. They had Drake and Josh.

tumblr.com / Via Nickelodeon
ID: 2298416

17. But let’s be real: Are You Afraid of the Dark? is still the scariest kids show of all time.

This definitely should’ve been rated PG-13.

ID: 2309600

18. We had Backstreet Boys.

ID: 2298420

19. And the heavenliest of all boybands, ‘N SYNC.

ID: 2298433

20. They have One Direction.

ID: 2298468

21. We witnessed the best of Disney Channel Original Movies.

finddisneyworld.com / Via Disney Channel

There’s no way you didn’t like Brink! And what about Johnny Tsunami ?

ID: 2298560

22. And they got High School Musical.

blogger.com / Via Disney Channel

Can’t even front; the High School Musical franchise was a huge success.

ID: 2298572

23. And Camp Rock.

lola2601.l.o.pic.centerblog.net / Via Disney Channel
ID: 2298589

24. We had sleepovers.

teen.com / Via Fox

Girl talk, board games and making up choreography to Destiny’s Child and Britney Spears songs was the most fun a girl could have in the 90s.

ID: 2298705

25. And they have social networking.

Virtual connections > actual face-to-face contact.

ID: 2298730

26. We had Sega Genesis.

ID: 2298906

27. They have PS4.

ID: 2298909

28. We had Dunkaroos.

That frosting may or may not have had crack in it.

ID: 2298912

29. And they’re just missing out on the best snack ever now. #sorrynotsorry

ID: 2300914

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