This "Iron Man" Striptease Will Leave You Feeling Hot And Bothered

You’ll never look at Tony Stark — or Marvel movies — the same way again. Is this what Pepper Potts sees at night before she sleeps?

1. The obvious question here: Why?

Marvel Studios / Via
ID: 2850391

2. The obvious answer: Why not?

Marvel Studios / Via
ID: 2850396

3. Because if it feels good…

Marvel Studios / Via
ID: 2850408

4. …and you like it…

Marvel Studios / Via
ID: 2850418

5. …you should do it.

Marvel Studios / Via
ID: 2850492

6. Just be you, Tony. #talktotherepulsor

Marvel Studios / Via
ID: 2850517

7. Watch the sordid affair in its entirety:

Marvel Studios / Via

“Let’s face it, this is not the worst thing you’ve caught me doing…”

ID: 2850313

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