38 Musicians Cradling Cats

Every songwriter needs a muse mews.

1. Internet sensation Lil Bub, pictured here with Jonathan Richman, founder of Boston’s finest, The Modern Lovers.

Lil Bub never got called an asshole. Not like you.

ID: 944940

2. Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast

This song is basically perfect: Catty B

ID: 944958

4. Gabba Gabba Kitty

ID: 823188

5. There’s a dig in here about Taylor Swift’s dating foibles but I just don’t care to finesse it out.

ID: 945120

6. Noted tough guy Henry Rollins shows his softer side.

ID: 944969

7. You’re The One For Me, Catty!

Not surprisingly, there’s an entire Tumblr feed committed to Morrissey and kitties. (Quip above inspired by this cut.)

ID: 944989

8. The Thin White Duke

ID: 945039

9. Brian Eno

On a related note.

ID: 945130

11. Nina Simone

ID: 945138

12. Davy Jones monkeying around with his feline friend.

ID: 945144

14. Pete Doherty of The Libertines

Up the brackat…

ID: 945156

15. Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?

ID: 945169

16. MGMT

Oracular Specatular

ID: 945190

17. Marilyn Manson

The symbolism here is so confusing.

ID: 945197

18. Karen O of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, snuggling here with her “Gold Lion”.

ID: 945209

20. John Lennon

ID: 945217

21. We Are Scientists

ID: 945228

Album cover art

ID: 945248

Can’t forget this…

ID: 945261

24. Freddie Mercury and his best friend.

“Ooh you make me live…”

ID: 945294

25. Marianne Faithfull

ID: 945317

26. George Harrison

ID: 945321

28. The Beastie Boys, snapped here with “Cooky Puss”.


ID: 945337

29. Beth Ditto of The Gossip

ID: 945347

30. George Michael

ID: 945354

31. La Roux

ID: 945357

32. Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse


ID: 945367

33. Tyler The Creator

ID: 945372

34. Snoop “Lion” crosses over to the other side.

ID: 945377

35. Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth

ID: 945395


ID: 947728

36. Crystal Castles

ID: 945398

38. Bringing it back full circle, here’s Lil Bub shooting a PSA with Andrew W.K., one of America’s leading authorities on partying.

ID: 945456


ID: 945468

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