This Guy Just Might Be The Best Barber On The Internet

Lines so sharp they can slice bread.

1. Chris Williams is a barber and owner of the barbershop Razor Sharp in Tupelo, Mississippi, and he has some seriously amazing skills.

This before-and-after photo is just one example of what he can do.

ID: 3708300

2. He specializes in flawless fades…

ID: 3707785

3. PERFECT beards…

ID: 3707994

You didn’t see arcs this clean in any of your geometry classes.

ID: 3708020

5. 360º waves…

ID: 3708055

If you’re feeling nauseous, it’s because those waves got you seasick.

ID: 3708248

7. And lines so sharp they might draw blood if you touch them.

ID: 3707939

8. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR SCREEN: That edge just might slice the tip of your finger right off.

ID: 3707971

9. Watching him work is a truly beautiful thing.

It’s like watching a poem being written, a symphony being conducted.

ID: 3707802

10. These aren’t just haircuts — they’re ART.

ID: 3707922

11. This man’s razor was clearly dipped in the blood of Jesus.

ID: 3708093

12. It’s the only way to explain these miracles.

ID: 3707981

13. And he does brows!

ID: 3708151

14. He stays as sharp as he keeps his clients.

ID: 3708075

15. But he manages to stay humble through the success.

ID: 3708042

16. Those hands are #blessed.

ID: 3708197

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