10 Geektastic Legend Of Zelda Crafts Now On Etsy

Rupees piling up? Who needs that slightly bigger purse… Here are some great examples of Zelda crafts to keep you busy on your quest.

1. Ceramic Pots

Ah the stress relief…

ID: 1324408

2. Bottled Poe Soul

Plus they glow in the dark!

ID: 1324444

3. Lon Lon Milk Bottles

Keep a little Lon Lon milk around your neck

ID: 1324460

4. Deku Mask

Who wouldn’t want to rock the Deku Scrub look on Saturday night?

ID: 1324502

5. Missing Piece Heart Container Necklace

When it’s dangerous to go alone…

ID: 1324528

6. Hyrulian Crest Necklace

To identify yourself in foreign lands.

ID: 1324541

7. Rupee Wallet

This knit wallet will keep your hard-earned rupees safe from wandering Gerudos.

ID: 1324549

8. Boss Key Musical Box

A beautiful addition to any cave or dungeon.

ID: 1324566

9. Hand-carved Ocarina

A must have for any traveler through the ages.

ID: 1324589

10. The Master Sword

This legendary blade is available for heroes only!

ID: 1324602

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