19 Ways To Know You’re An Education Major

So many lesson plans, wasted.

1. All your professors are constantly reviewing the lesson plan format in class

I’ve written about 10 lesson plans since freshman year. I know the format.

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2. You write lesson plans that are unrealistically long

No actual teacher would need to write 10 pages for one lesson.

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3. You’re constantly thinking about how to accommodate for different learning styles

“This lesson accommodates for visual, aural, and kinesthetic learners because…”

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4. You know your learning style because you’ve learned about learning styles so much

Please, give me a hands on activity. Or else I’ll never remember

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5. You also know your type of intelligence

Sorry that I keep singing to myself. I’m just trying to study for a quiz.

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6. You intern/observe in a classroom and your students love you


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7. You silently critique other teachers and professors on their teaching style

Oh okay. Personally, I wouldn’t have groups of more than three people. But, hey, it’s your class….

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8. All of your education professors give you really detailed rubrics for assignments

But you’re grateful because now you know EXACTLY what you need to do.

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9. You’re paying excessive amounts of money on classes where you do elementary school art activities

$1000 per credit to learn how to conduct a tissue paper art activity.

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10. You’re also paying to take a class that teaches you how to teach science

Which means you spend 3 hours a week with a professor who’s teaching you how to do 3rd grade science experiments. But who’s complaining?

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11. You’re obsessed with any and all children’s books

You can also turn any book into a read-aloud and associated lesson.

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12. In fact, you’ve already started your book collection for your future classroom library

Which means you probably own Stellaluna, The Giving Tree, Corduruoy, The Lorax, and maybe The Dot

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13. You keep all your textbooks because you know you’ll use them again once you’re an actual teacher

Also because you just love the way they look on your bookshelf

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14. You have Pinterest boards dedicated to your future classroom

You know that you NEED to look at these after you graduate and have your own classroom.

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15. You’re always re-learning K-8 subjects

Just admit that you have trouble with fractions and you need to be taught again at a college level.

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16. You’ve memorized the Common Core Standards

Because all your professors are consistently making you refer to them.

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17. You apply Bloom’s Taxonomy to everyday situations

“I need to use higher-level thinking to really know this stuff”

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18. You have no idea how you’re going to pay your student loans, even after you get a full-time teaching job

And you hope that you’ll somehow manage to stay in college forever

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19. You know that even though you’ll make no money, teaching will be the BEST. JOB. EVER.

Making sure that 10-year-olds know how to read fluently and multiply two-digit numbers is, for some reason, the most rewarding thing ever.

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