The Olympic Park For The 2016 Rio Games Is Amazing

The design by architecture firm AECOM was made to reflect the mountains and valleys of Brazil’s coastline on the site located in the Rio’s Barra da Tijuca district.

1. The waterside park will house fifteen sporting venues.

Courtesy of AECOM
ID: 1597611
Courtesy of AECOM
ID: 1597614

3. The site was constructed around three stadiums used during the 2007 Pan-American Games.

Courtesy of AECOM
ID: 1597612
Courtesy of AECOM
ID: 1597615

5. There are seven new stadiums planned as part of the construction.

Courtesy of AECOM
ID: 1597613
Courtesy of AECOM
ID: 1597616
Courtesy of AECOM
ID: 1597617

8. Check out this video to learn more about the plan:

Video available at:
ID: 1597609

9. H/T Dezeen

ID: 1597669

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