Ryan Gosling Surprises Kids At Texas Charity Event

The actor randomly showed up to a 5K event benefiting the Texas School for the Deaf in Austin. Isn’t he just the greatest?

RYAN GOSLING JUST LOOKED AT ME #spooky5k— Ghada Soufan

ID: 666677

Incase y’all don’t believe me, RYAN GOSLING @_languageforall #spooky5k http://t.co/LAhGzXfV— Ghada Soufan

ID: 666678

Ryan Gosling and I AHHH #bestdayever http://t.co/h0EoQx91— Ghada Soufan

ID: 666679

Ha :) We didn’t know either! RT FreeFunInAustin _LanguageForAll You should have told me Ryan Gosling would be there ;)— Language For All

ID: 666682

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