Awesome Videos From Dog Collar Cameras

Proof that cameras belong on dog collars, and further proof that our people-lives are far too complicated.

1. A Dog’s Eye View

A playlist of dog’s eye views. I want about 20 more of these in 1080p, and I’ll cancel my cable.

2. Dog’s Eye View @ Dog Park

Take the dog park for example… It’s pretty simple, really. Run around…gnaw a friendly ear, run around, sniff things, get spoiled, and be happy.

3. Dog’s Eye View @ Pool Party

Pool party with dogs…again, pretty simple. Swim a little, pant a lot, shake off excess water on people, be happy, swim a little more.

Seriously, dog’s life. Tradesies?

4. Corgi’s Eye View @ Pool Party

What would a dog’s eye view list be without a Corgi?

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