15 Best Places To Fall Asleep At College

College kids like to take naps. Here’s a list of the best places they tend to fall asleep. Add your own favorite spots.

1. The Cafeteria

ID: 1906

3. Up A Tree

ID: 1910

4. Boring Lecture Class

ID: 1914

5. The Waiting Area To Meet With Your Professor

ID: 1916

6. The Couch At A Party

ID: 1917

7. The Floor At A Party

ID: 1918

8. Your Friend’s Shoulder On The Way Back From The Party

ID: 1919

9. Your School’s Giant Field

ID: 1920

10. With Your Study Group

ID: 1923

11. The Car Ride To Anywhere Off Campus

ID: 1921

12. At Your Laptop

ID: 1922

13. The Test You Stayed Up All Night Studying For

ID: 1930

14. Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s Bed

ID: 1912

15. Your Own Bed

Still the best place of all

ID: 1913

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