Ranking All 25 Limo Introductions From “The Bachelorette” Season Premiere

Season 10 of The Bachelorette premiered on ABC last night and as always, there were limo introductions. Let’s break them down together.

25. Josh B. the telecommunication marketer.


Josh was very upset when he got eliminated. Like weirdly upset. He’s probably a little too short for Andi.

ID: 2979505

24. Rudie the attorney.


Something tells me Andi didn’t take a break from her job as a D.A. so she could listen to terrible lawyer jokes.

ID: 2979455

23. Steven the snowboard product developer.


Steven was way too chill for Andi, and even though he was “stoked to be there” he didn’t make the first cut.

ID: 2979454

22. Jason the urgent care physician.


How did this awesome joke not get him a rose?

ID: 2979460

21. Mike the bartender.


People call him Camps (I think?) It was not a good night for people with long blond hair.

ID: 2979512

20. Emil the helicopter pilot.


Emil decided to introduce himself as Anal. WHY EMIL WHY?!

ID: 2979490

19. Chris the farmer.


Chris didn’t have any gimmicks, just his Iowa charm.

ID: 2979522

18. Dylan the accountant.


He was nervous and a little weird about personal space.

ID: 2979483

17. Brian the basketball coach.


Brian pretended like he needed help with his tie, so Andi touched him. I see you Brian.

ID: 2979526

16. Marcus the sports medicine manager.


He was the first one out of the limo, and pretty nervous, but did OK.

ID: 2979443

15. Andrew the social media marketer.


It’s that kind of wit that Andrew uses in his job as a professional tweeter.

ID: 2979533

14. JJ the pantsapreneur.


JJ is really excited to go on this “love quest.”

ID: 2979441

13. Tasos the wedding event coordinator.


He said “a lot of planning” went into buying a padlock and key and he PLANS WEDDINGS.

ID: 2979447

12. Bradley the opera singer.


Bradley actually sang on the first night, unlike some other recent opera singers (looking at you Sharleen.)

ID: 2979500

11. Cody the personal trainer.


The limo happened to break down right before the mansion so he had to push it. Coincidence?

ID: 2979452

10. Josh M. the former pro baseball player.


Josh is clearly unemployed. But his good looks, hometown, and semi-famous brother were enough to earn him a rose.

ID: 2979521

9. Carl the firefighter.


Carl brought a little globe and pointed out where he was from. Cool?

ID: 2979458

8. Marquel the sponsorship salesman.


Marquel was looking real good out of the limo, and he had a cookie “tasting” once inside.

ID: 2979446

7. Patrick the advertising executive.


He brought a soccer ball and kicked it far away as a metaphor for Andi being done with Juan Pablo. Next level bro!

ID: 2979486

6. Brett the hairdresser.


Brett decided to go klepto and bring Andi a lamp he stole from the hotel.

ID: 2979491

5. Nick S. the pro golfer.


Nick was the only one not to show up by limo. It worked for him.

ID: 2979508

4. Ron the beverage sales manager.


Ron might secretly be on this show to sell drinks. Keep your eyes on him.

ID: 2979495

3. Nick V. the software sales executive.


Nick played the nerd card to perfection. He got the “First Impression Rose.”

ID: 2979464

2. Craig the tax accountant.


So much win here.

ID: 2979494

1. Eric the explorer.


Eric brought Andi dolls given to him by a little girl in Peru. Eric tragically died after his time on The Bachelorette and this season is dedicated to him.

ID: 2979516

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