What Does LSD Feel Like?

Warning: this experience is psychedelic and if you’re prone to seizures use caution when viewing!

Disclaimer: don’t try this at home!

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Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) is a psychedelic drug that became hip in the 60s.

Ask your parents if not…

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It’s commonly known as acid…

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And it has many psychological effects.

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Here’s what an LSD trip feels like.

Note: effects vary drastically from user to user.

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1. You disconnect from your body…

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2. And no longer perceive the world through your senses.

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3. Everything around you looks brighter…

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4. And beautiful and interesting and magical.

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5. You see reality from a new perspective…

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6. Indeed, you can see sounds and hear colors.

This is also known as synesthesia.

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7. You feel the energy from things as they move, forming brilliant shifting patterns.

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8. You feel like a curious baby who just discovered the world around him.

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9. Everything in your mind is amplified.

Thoughts, fears and desires will be unleashed from your unconscious.

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10. You feel a lot of happiness and euphoria.

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11. The walls and floor move and the friction causes sparks.

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12. You lose perception of time…

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13. And sometimes it seems to run backwards.

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14. You see rainbows everywhere around you.

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15. Objects that are stable seem to move and have a halo of light surrounding them.

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16. Every footstep you take feels like you’re walking 100 feet at a time.

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17. You zoom through the universe at the speed of light.

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18. Things start to swirl like a whirlpool.

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19. The air feels heavy and almost liquid.

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20. Everything is funny and you can’t stop laughing.

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21. You feel a tingling sensation through your body…

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22. And get a rush of energy that won’t let your limbs stay still.

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23. You try to express yourself but it’s hard to speak.

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24. You might feel some nausea.

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25. You think you are losing your mind…

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No you’re not… maybe yes… I’m so confused!

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26. Your mind is too active to possibly shut down!

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How long will this last!?

Hours? Days? Weeks???

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So be very very careful…

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And watch Alice in Wonderland instead…

It’s much safer than tripping…

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Based on testimonies from Drugs Forum and How Stuff Works.

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