What 200 Calories Looks Like In Various Foods

What does 200 calories look like on a plate? Here are a number of different foods in 200 calorie portions.

1. Donut (52 grams) / Via http://Toxel

2. Snickers Bar (41 grams)

3. Werthers Candy (50 grams)

4. Apples (385 grams)

5. Bagel (70 grams)

6. Red Onion (475 grams)

7. Celery (1425 grams)

8. Peanut Butter (34 grams)

9. Avocado (125 grams)

10. M&Ms (40 grams)

11. The loveable Cheeseburger (75 grams)

For some context, the average person needs about 1600-2400 calories per day (depending on age + height).

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