Laguna Beach: The Drinking Game

Feeling nostalgic for chokers, bleached out hair and prom drama? Stream seasons one and two, and alcoholically follow L.C. and the crew’s journey before they could legally drink.

1. Everyone drinks each time someone mentions/attends/suggests a themed party.

ID: 1103719

2. Single people finish their drink every time Stephen and Kristin get into a fight.

ID: 1103737

4. People in a relationship finish their drink every time they make up.

ID: 1103742

5. Girls take a shot everytime someone refers to something as “dunzo,” “gnarly” or “sweet.”

ID: 1103722

6. Everyone pours part of their drink into a middle cup every time someone uses the term “drama.”

ID: 1103788

7. Finish half your drink every time Jessica takes Kristin’s advice. LOL JK that never happens.

ID: 1103796

8. Pour a bit of your drink out every time Jason ruins everything. Or don’t, because HE RUINS ALL THINGS.

ID: 1103803

9. Switch an accessory with someone every time a cast member wears a choker.

ID: 1103844

10. Or these flip flops.

ID: 1103849

11. Or a trucker hat.

ID: 1103851

12. Everyone takes one drink when a cast member is inappropriately unhappy with the situation they’re in.

ID: 1103836

13. Everyone with an iPhone takes a drink when a cast member uses a flip phone.

ID: 1103853

14. Girls give out a shot whenever Kristin makes an aggressively blunt/extremely accurate/insensitive statement. Ouch.

ID: 1103861

15. Guys finish their drink every time LC “hints” at her feelings for Stephen.

ID: 1103900

16. No one can a recognize a song on the show? Waterfall!

ID: 1103883

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