15 Reasons Why Having A Cat Is Better Than Having A Boyfriend

Feeling a little lonely? Here’s proof that crazy cat ladies were right all along.

1. Cats never leave the bathroom door open.

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2. They look approximately 5987 times cuter when they sleep.

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3. They’re happy to turn the lights off when it’s time to go to bed.

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4. You’ll never have to remind a cat to help out with the chores.

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5. Feeling clingy? No problem.

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6. Cats understand that love is a two-way street

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7. Cats are patient and direct when giving instructions.

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8. Cats take exceptionally good care of their appearance

ID: 1107841

9. Boyfriend bothers you when you’re trying to do work? Annoying. Cat bothers you when trying to do work? THE MOST WELCOME DISTRACTION POSSIBLE.

ID: 1107847

10. Fact: a pretentious cat is 400% more tolerable than a pretentious boyfriend.

ID: 1107851

11. Cats are heart-warming, not shady, when they’re being sneaky.

ID: 1107882

12. Cats are open to making new friends

ID: 1107890

13. Cats don’t care if you listen to Beyonce all day every day.

ID: 1107927

14. Cats give excellent massages.

ID: 1107950

15. Face it…

ID: 1107966

Your boyfriend will never…

ID: 1107973


ID: 1107977

be this cute.

ID: 1107997

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