10 Outrageous Chocolate Combinations

Thought chocolate was impossible to destroy? THINK AGAIN.

1. Chocolate + Ramen

Dark chocolate complemented by flavors of onion, garlic and actual ramen noodles, because there really is no good in the world.

ID: 1103530

2. Chocolate + Nachos

Mercifully, this recipe doesn’t include cheese or tomatoes.

ID: 1103549

3. Chocolate + Chili Peppers


ID: 1103576

4. Chocolate + Sun Dried Tomatoes

Chocolate? Good. Sun dried tomatoes? Positively savory! Together? Skepticism ensues.

ID: 1103585

5. Chocolate + Kale


ID: 1103601

6. Chocolate + Squid

To be fair, is there any kind of seafood that would pair well with chocolate?

ID: 1103629

7. Onion + Chocolate

Caramelized onion and chocolate? Doable. Raw onion and chocolate? An abuse of food.

ID: 1103638

8. Chocolate + Hot Dog Slices

The worst part? If covered completely, these could pass as banana slices.

ID: 1103645

9. Chocolate + Toothpaste

It’s like brushing your teeth with icing!

ID: 1103653

10. Chocolate + Ants

#YOLO? I guess?

ID: 1103660

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