25 People Who Are Doing It Wrong

Just your average Joe’s doing things wrong.

1. This father

imgur / Via

2. This couple

acidcow / Via

3. These girls

themetapicture / Via

4. This lady trying to take a photo

9gag / Via

5. And this lady

izismile / Via

6. These soldiers

izifunny / Via

7. This football player

izismile / Via

8. The guy pouring the drink

izifunny / Via

9. This girl taking a selfie

imgur / Via

10. This man trying to take a selfie

imgur / Via

11. This group of females trying to put ornaments up

izifunny / Via

12. This mother

imgur / Via

13. And this mother

imgur / Via

14. This man trying to see if his ears are working correctly

acidcow / Via

16. This dog trying to catch the ball

pleated-jeans / Via

17. This ad placement

seriouslyforreal / Via

18. This girl’s trust fall

funnyjunk / Via

19. This man going through security

imgur / Via

20. This person’s logic

imgur / Via

21. His lack of knowledge for song lyrics.

dumpaday / Via

22. This sign

weknowmemes / Via

23. This person not understanding what a meme is.

imgur / Via

24. This auto body repair shop

imgur / Via

25. This little girl trying to drink juice

izismile / Via

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