The Most Insulting And Offensive Pizza In The World

Everyone loves pizza. But there is one kind that is a disgrace to humanity.

1. Everyone loves pizza

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2. Some people love absurd pizza

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5. Some people just love plain cheese pizza

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6. But there is one kind of pizza that no one should love…

ID: 1190003

7. This is a pineapple

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8. Pineapples are pretty darn delicious

ID: 1190010

9. Monkeys enjoy pineapple

ID: 1190014

10. Hawaii even has a tourist attraction dedicated to the fruit!

ID: 1190018

11. But one place that pineapples don’t belong, is on pizza

ID: 1190022

12. Pineapple on pizza is gross

ID: 1190024

13. Hawaiian pizza doesn’t even originate from Hawaii!

ID: 1190036

14. It’s an insult to fruit. It’s an insult to pizza. It’s an insult to Hawaii. It’s an insult to humanity

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15. Congress may have once declared pizza a vegetable

ID: 1190046

16. But what they should declare, is that Hawaiian pizza is the worst pizza ever

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