Dating In The Digital Age

Things we should consider while dating in the millennial era.

1. Are Social Media Prenups Going to Become a Thing?

Will we need to consult a contract to check what we can put on Facebook?
(This may come as a relief to all those sick of loved up couples on their newsfeed)

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2. Are We Actually Getting Married Later?

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Depending on what state you live in most people are either getting married at 24 or 30.

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3. Is Facebook Killing Marriages?

Using Facebook all the time? It could increase your chances of a future failed marriage.

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4. Will We Go On More Virtual Dates?

Seeing someone at dinner with a Facetime companion may not be so weird in the future.

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5. Should We Be Giving Up on Mr. Perfect?

Are we harming ourselves by having high standards? Should we learn to settle for someone who isn’t Channing Tatum?

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6. Will Sharing Our Sexual History Become a Norm?

There is now an app, Nipple, that will let you keep track of your sexual history.

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