The Greatest Backstreet Boys Website Of All Time


1. There are few things that have more innocent, nostalgic appeal than 1990’s fan sites. Let’s take this AMAZING Backstreet Boys site for example:

Yes, you read that right—there’s even a guest book.

ID: 1159870

2. Let’s scroll down and see what we find!

In case you can’t read the blue-on-black text, it says: “If you see something you like, please feel free to take it and use it. You don’t have to ask for permission. If there are any broken links or pictures, please tell me in my guest book! Thanks! =- ) And while you’re at the sit, KEEP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE!!!!”

ID: 1159891

3. Beneath that is a text bar that automatically scrolls and then a section for a “quote of the month” contest. The winner purportedly got a shout out on the greatest website ever!

And I’m not being sarcastic, this website is amazing. It’s almost like a time machine.

ID: 1159910

4. So, what’s new?

ID: 1159918

5. Here’s the navigation bar for the site. As you can see, I couldn’t help myself and checked out some of the sections before taking a screenshot.

The site’s admin also updated the band’s current girlfriends on September 12 (probably 1999 since that’s the year “Millennium” came out).

ID: 1159941

6. Here’s the second half of the menu, as well as some links

ID: 1159956

7. Here’s the bottom of the front page. At the time of posting, 108,766 people had visited the site.

ID: 1159977

8. When I tried to sign/view the guestbook, I got this :(

ID: 1159985

9. This is probably my favorite section of the site…

ID: 1160006

10. Words are weapons…

ID: 1160018

11. Unfortunately, from searching around on the site more, it seems that it was only updated for about 2-3 months. Still, those two months of operation have given us something wonderful over a decade later!

So enjoy the site, and maybe post a few screenshots of your own!

ID: 1160057

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