So, Infographics Were A Thing In The 1800s

I can’t fathom infographics without comment trolls.

Map showing the amount of African Americans (or “Colored” as the author’s 19th century dialect uses) compared to the aggregate population.

The same as above except African Americans have been replaced with “Foreign” peoples.

Maps showing wealth per capita (left) and wealth when integrating population density (right).

The above maps were created by Francis Amasa Walker, Superintendent of the US Census and civil war veteran.

This one details the political history of the United States. A schoolteacher was responsible for creating it.

Pyramid chart depicting the growth of human civilization, created by Emma Willard in 1835.

Historian/Author Susan Schulten is responsible for shedding light on these proto-infographics. She has written about them on where you can read more about them and see more pictures. She has also authored the cartography-centric book: Mapping The Nation

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