Every Type Of Eggo And Every Piece Of Eggo Merchandise Ever!

Well maybe not every type but damn near close to it.

1. Eggos have been a wondrous staple of American breakfast since the 1950s…

What makes the Eggo so great isn’t only flavor, but the versatility of the magnificent, golden, round waffle. There have been many kinds of Eggos over the years, from the mundane to the absurd. There have also been different sorts of Eggo odds-and-ends that either enhance your eggo eating experience or show the world your love for eggos. What are all the different kinds of eggos that existed and what kinds of eggo periphernalia has there been? Let’s start with the (undeniably) coolest Eggo of all time…

ID: 1055228

2. The Hanson eggo!

ID: 1054666

3. Yes, it was a real thing. The Hanson eggos were so big they even had their own commercial.

ID: 1054672

4. The original, “homestyle” eggo.

ID: 1054697

5. The health-conscious Nutrigrain eggo

ID: 1054707

6. Eggo jungle pancakes

They must eat these in the jungle, no doubt.

ID: 1054712

7. The eggo “waf-full”

I had one once. It sucked.

ID: 1054721

8. The blueberry eggo

ID: 1054709

9. Flip-flop eggo (they came in chocolate and brown sugar)

ID: 1054727

10. Apple cinnamon eggo

ID: 1054732

11. Eggo bakeshop twists

ID: 1054740

12. Appetizing!

ID: 1054742

13. Eggo bakeshop “swirlz”

If they spell “swirls” wrong then it must be good.

ID: 1054746

14. The lego eggo


ID: 1054754

15. The eggo lego


ID: 1054757

17. There were also tons of branded eggos that are far too numerous to list, but some examples are…

ID: 1055319

18. Stark Trek eggos

ID: 1054812

19. Pokemon eggos

ID: 1054763

20. Shrek eggos

ID: 1055328

21. and Eggos and Fruit Loops, together at last!

ID: 1055266

22. Eggo mini muffin tops

ID: 1054783

23. Why would anyone pervert the sacred eggo by naming one after a maligned phenomenon?

ID: 1054805

24. Octagonal eggo

ID: 1054820

25. Pumpkin spice style eggos

ID: 1054828

26. Eggo “Wafflers”

ID: 1055141

27. This…

ID: 1055143

28. Eggo drizzlers

It looks like someone slit their wrists into some eggos…

ID: 1055157

29. The mixed berry granola eggo

ID: 1055163

30. “Real” fruit pizza eggo…

ID: 1055165

31. and it looks like this.

ID: 1055167

32. Eggo pancakes

Eggo pancakes are sort of the antithesis to pure eggos because pure eggos are WAFFLES!

ID: 1055173

33. A classic: Eggo minis

ID: 1055180

34. Mini cinnamon toast eggos

ID: 1055182

35. Eggo toaster sticks

ID: 1055184

36. FIBER eggos!

Because we all want to rush to the bathroom after our waffles.

ID: 1055186

37. Chocolate chip eggos

ID: 1055193

38. Eggos: French toast style

ID: 1055196

39. Little pancake eggos

ID: 1055201

40. The pretentious infographic eggo

ID: 1055203

41. Eggo: The cereal

It was amazing.

ID: 1055206

42. Standard, strawberry eggos

ID: 1055213

43. Toaster “Swirlz”

Again with the “z” in lieu of the “s”…

ID: 1055222

44. Yummy…

ID: 1055224

45. Buttermilk eggos

I honestly can’t taste the difference. Besides, whenever I think of Buttermilk, I think of the adorable little goat that became a meme not too long ago.

ID: 1055244

46. Eggos a la banana bread

ID: 1055250

47. The gourmet sandwich eggo

ID: 1055251

48. French vanilla eggos

This combination didn’t taste as good as it sounded…and it sounded pretty bad.

ID: 1055263

49. Chocolate chip cookie dough eggos

ID: 1055269

51. Chocolate chip granola eggos

ID: 1055282

52. But there’s also merchandise! Take this incredible eggo storage container, for example:

ID: 1054819

53. Or an eggo t-shirt telling people to back off from your breakfast!

ID: 1054818

54. What about a perfect eggo jug for your eggo syrup?

ID: 1054774

55. But best of all is an EGGO GIFT BASKET!

ID: 1055257

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