34 Historical Figures With The Most Facial Hair Swag

The beard is mightier than the sword.

1. General Ambrose Burnside, the legendary progenitor of sideburns.

ID: 1349104

2. Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria-Hungary.

ID: 1349105

3. Horace Greeley, bringing the term “neckbeard” to a completely new level.

ID: 1349109

Here’s a picture of his neckbeard popping out of his shirt.

ID: 1349110

4. Friedrich Nietzsche’s magnificent mustache.

ID: 1349121

5. John Knox, a famous 15th century Scottish clergyman.

ID: 1349127

6. Karl Marx, whose beard is so powerful it could seize the means of production for the working class.

ID: 1349148

7. His buddy, Friedrich Engels.

ID: 1349150

8. Peter Cooper, designer and creator of the steam locomotive in the United States. It looks like he’s wearing Einstein’s hair on his chin.

ID: 1349167

9. Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz. If only the Imperial German fleet could’ve been as powerful as this man’s forked beard!

ID: 1349179

10. Salvador Dali.

ID: 1349203

11. Charles Darwin.

ID: 1349209

12. Otto the Great, founder of the Holy Roman Empire, who reportedly swore by his beard when making an oath.

ID: 1349136

13. General Adelbert Adams, who has the perfect t-shaped beard-mustache combo.

ID: 1349117

14. Vlad the Impaler.

ID: 1349142

15. Grigori Rasputin.

ID: 1349152

16. Colonel Sanders and the goatee to end all goatees.

ID: 1349155

17. Che Guevara—those t-shirts of him just wouldn’t look the same without that bit of ratty scruff.

ID: 1349157

18. Daniel C. Beard. He founded the boy scouts AND HIS LAST NAME IS BEARD so that automatically gets him a place on this list.

ID: 1349160

19. Donald Grant Mitchell, 19th century author.

ID: 1349163

20. Carolus-Duran, french painter.

Just look at that wonderfully groomed, upturned stache!

ID: 1349168

21. John White Alexander, painter. Could you imagine what that mustache would look like if this picture was 3D?

ID: 1349170

22. Charles V, who grew a beard to hide his “Hapsburg jaw.”

ID: 1349174

23. King George V’s with his perfectly done beard and strong mustache.

ID: 1349182

24. Franz Ferdinand.

ID: 1349184

25. Nikola Pašić, legendary Serbian political figure and Serbian prime minister during the First World War.

ID: 1349188

26. Edward Stanely, former prime minister of the UK. His sideburns and neckbeard are glorious.

ID: 1349192

27. King Edward III, whose beard almost resembles that of Santa Clause.

ID: 1349198

29. James “Grizzly” Adams.

ID: 1349207

30. Clark Gable.

ID: 1349215

31. Genghis Khan.

ID: 1349222

33. Kaiser Wilhelm II.

ID: 1349269

34. Chester A. Arthur.

ID: 1349272

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